The Bold Steps Business Maturity Assessment


Welcome to the Bold Steps Maturity Assessment!
This program is designed to help you assess business strengths and weaknesses. 

You will be presented with a series of items that have strategic or fundamental value to a business. Because each business is different, we will ask you to rank each variable in its relative importance to your business (0-5 scale, 5 indicating most important). Then, we will ask you to provide an assessment of your business’s current maturity score—that is, how the company fares in each category (0-5 scale, 5 indicating most mature/most developed).

Note the hypothetical assessment results to the right. This company has some room for improvement with respect to Strategy and Fundamentals components. As noted in the text, the company is 47% toward their Strategy goal, and 43% toward their Fundamental goal. Once completed, the results of the assessment are used to drive discussions, and ultimately plans, to raise their maturity level. The Bold Steps team works with the company to develop solutions to target and improve weak areas and helps them implement those solutions.

With a new plan in action, the company takes another assessment to track changes. As you can see in the second assessment (to the right), the plans clearly worked. With Bold Steps’ guidance and support, the company focused on a business plan and enhanced employee communication, driving the Strategy score higher. In addition, the company invested in technology to improve system availability and invested in some consulting to help establish a much higher level of process automation. The Fundamentals score rose noticeably as a result.

Please continue to the next page where you'll be able to enter your data and determine your company’s maturity level.